The information available here is the most important building block for the safe and damage-free use and maintenance of your frame. It is intended to provide you with the most important basics and give you helpful tips for use throughout the life of your frame. If you have any doubts or uncertainties about working on your frame, be sure to consult a trained bicycle mechanic or the EMRG Support Team.

This content must be read and understood before assembling and using your frame for the first time. Make sure that third party users are also informed about this content and that they understand and follow it.

If you sell or give away your frame, the new owner must be made aware of this content.

Target group

The target group of this manual is you, the owner of the SENDuro frame.

Basic knowledge of bicycle technology is a prerequisite for the assembly and maintenance of the bicycle. If there are any doubts, a trained bicycle mechanic should be consulted. Incorrect assembly or incorrect maintenance of your bicycle can lead to serious accidents with fatal consequences!


Works on the frame may only be carried out with suitable tools. Screw connections must be tightened to a defined torque using a torque wrench.

Proper assembly or disassembly of the components can only be ensured if the tools are in perfect working order and undamaged.

Selection of components

The components must be selected taking into account the interfaces (see "Frame interfaces"), the intended use (see "Intended use") and the maximum system weight (see "Maximum system weight").

No child seats, child trailers or luggage carriers may be mounted on the frame.

Warranty and guarantee

All information on warranty and guarantee can be found at

Maximum system weight

The SENDuro frame is designed for a maximum system weight of 130 kg. The system weight is the sum of the rider, bike, equipment (helmet, backpack, shoes, clothing) and luggage.

If components with a lower maximum system weight are mounted, the maximum system weight of the overall system is reduced to the value of the component with the lowest value.

Wear parts

The rear suspension and shock are wear parts and should be checked regularly and replaced or serviced as needed.


The activities listed in this manual must be carried out by persons with sufficient expertise.

The user is liable for damage resulting from:

  • Use outside the intended use (see "Intended use").

  • Non-observance of safety-relevant regulations

  • Improper assembly, repair and maintenance

  • Use of non-approved spare parts and accessories

In case of uncertainties or occurrence of problems, the EMRG Support Team or a trained two-wheeler mechanic must always be consulted!